Help Spread the Word

This is a template email that you can forward to friends and family — thank you so much in advance for your help with my grassroots outreach!

Note: I wrote the email to make it seem like you wrote it — feel free to cut or add or change whatever you want to make it yours


Hi Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that my {friend/family member/co-worker/etc} Jenny Blake’s book — Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want, hits shelves this week!

About the book:
Jenny describes her book as a portable life coach for every area of your life. In her words, “There is no need for a highlighter, this book IS the highlights: it’s a compilation of tips, quotes and exercises trimmed to the essence, divided into chapters for every major life area. Chapter categories include life (values, goals), work, money, organization, home, friends & family, dating & relationships, health, fun & relaxation, and personal growth. While geared toward college graduates, the rapid-fire tips, quotes and interactive coaching exercises would serve anyone looking to find some clarity and direction.”

Word on the street:
There are already a bunch of reviews on Amazon if you want to learn more about the format & content. From one reviewer, Sarah P: “This isn’t a book or a manual – it’s a friend in your pocket. Jenny’s heart and soul – and intricately connected network around the world – is layered in bite-sized information that’s enriching, captivating, and more importantly, eminently approachable. Jenny pulls you into her book by virtually sitting down at a cafe with you, chatting with you and making you feel right at home within the first few pages. The book weaves her stories and anecdotes with powerful (but beguilingly simple) worksheets, tips, tricks and tools for you to use to start changing your life – right now.”

Learn more:
I’m helping Jenny spread the word by forwarding this email — check out her book when you get a chance! To learn more about the book, vist or purchase your copy on Amazon (a steal — currently selling for under $9!). You can also read more about Jenny on her blog at

All the best,

{Your Name}