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  • Atlanta Journal Constitution — Job Strategies: Books for College Graduates
    This is another book providing more than job-search advice for new graduates. Blake concentrates her attention on lifestyle issues ranging from work-life balance to managing friendships as a young adult. Two features of this book stand out for me and qualify it for recommendation as a gift to graduates. First, Blake has included one of the better discussions on goal-setting and big-picture thinking that I have seen. To my mind, this concept is not covered very well in most careers books, which I can’t understand. What’s the point of getting a job if you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish in your life? And second, I like the exercises and worksheets. These are nothing fancy, but Blake has a good instinct for summarizing the points a reader would need to explore in order to develop an action plan on each topic.
  • USA Weekend – Grads, Get Help With Your Money
    Managing your money is never easy, but for new college grads, it can be especially challenging. Twentysomethings often feel lost, not knowing how to handle working long hours, establishing a network of other young professionals and most often, paying bills. In her new book, Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want, blogger and author Jenny Blake suggests online tools to help recent grads (and any adult, for that matter) manage their money.
  • / CareerBuilder – Graduating? Start Your Career Search Off Right
    Interviews can be anxiety-provoking, but remember to be yourself, no matter how nervous you may feel, says Jenny Blake, author of the book “Life After College,” a resource guide for college graduates, as well as a blog of the same name. “Take three long, deep breaths before your interview to work out any nervous energy that might be building. The more natural and authentic you can be, the better. And don’t forget to smile.”
  • US News & World Report – Treat Your Career Like a Smart Phone
    U.S. News talked with Blake about challenges new graduates face, searching for the elusive work-life balance, and why it makes sense to think of your career like a smartphone rather than a ladder.
  • US News & World Report – And on the Side, I’m an Entrepreneur
    Jenny Blake, a 27-year-old who lives in the San Francisco Bay area, calls her unorthodox income stream her “side hustle.” By day, she’s a career development coach at Google. On evenings and weekends, she works to promote her blog and new book, Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want. Although she enjoys both jobs, she admits it’s not easy to juggle them both. “[Having a side hustle] is not for the faint at heart,” she says. “It’s a lot of work and it does take sacrifice.”
  • – Book Review – Life After College by Jenny Blake
    Unlike many other development and coaching books for young professionals, Life After College does not get preachy nor is it written like a lecture from that one college professor who talked FOREVER in a Ben Stein-monotone. Instead it is filled with worksheets and life coaching prompts intended to make the experience interactive and productive for readers. If you are able to walk away without yours hands covered in ink and highlighter, then you should go back and re-read the book because you missed the point!
  • SF Bay Guardian
    >>LISTEN UP SLACKERS: SF’s own Jenny Blake, a Career Development Program Manager at Google – something like an internal cheerleader and guidance counselor for the Google masses – launches her book today, Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want.
  • USA Today College – The most common post-grad freak-outs (and how to deal)
    Jenny Blake, a life coach and the author of the best-selling book Life After College, the Complete Guide to Getting What You Want, says that, “You have to expect that this time in your life will be a little bit of a rollercoaster. For most people, college graduation is their first time without a prescribed template, so it takes time to adjust. It’s not easy but it can be a time of real growth!” Blake is right. There are no road maps to solve all of our problems, no rules to follow that will eliminate the worries and stresses we are currently experiencing.

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  • Sarah Peck – There’s Someone I Want You to Meet
    ABOUT YOU: are insanely talented, fresh out of college or somewhere a few years into a job (or maybe you’re transitioning to a new career), and you are deftly maneuvering your way through inordinate learning curves and figuring out what life entails post-school. About Jenny: Jenny’s story is pretty well-known (it’s really hard for famous people to actually go on blind dates, after all), but if you haven’t met her yet, start here.  If we describe her in words, let’s put a few big ones up there: Googler. Entrepreneur. Author. Friend. Personal-Development Guru. Cupcake Fanatic. Yoga Teacher. Vegas Heartthrob. (What? Who said that?). Yes, that’s right. She’s a Googler and Author who also takes Vegas by storm, her book and highlighter tucked away somewhere in her wonder-woman outfit and killer heels.
  • Marian Schembari – 2 Books You Need to Buy Right Now
    The reason I loved this book so much is because Jenny isn’t preachy AND she doesn’t give the same ole advice. She talks about her personal experiences, gives it to us straight and provides thought-provoking questions for journaling and thinking on. Honestly, I haven’t thought this much about my own life after college since graduation. And I couldn’t be happier I read this book. The past month has been filled with a little self discovery thanks to Jenny’s amazing prompts and cheerful (without being obnoxious) attitude.
  • Dave Rothacker — A book for your life and career
    When we look at something through a different lens, that subject matter has a tendency to become stickier. It allows us the freedom of exploration and the opportunity to experiment with connections. By the time the student graduates and is ready to apply the contents of Life After College, she will have a huge edge on those who graduate and say, “Hello world, it’s nice to meet you. Where should I send my resume?”
  • Linda Bernstein (Generation B Squared) — Life Guidance for Gen Y
    I would give Jenny’s book to any Gen Yer, perhaps as a companion to What Color Is Your Parachute (Ten Speed Press, in its umpteenth edition, and now a great reference for kinds of careers). Jenny is practical, upbeat and full of belief in herself, an attitude that becomes quite contagious, and I would recommend that my fellow baby boomers make sure their kids have copies. Read it yourself first, though, because many pages could turn into “conversation starters.” And read it for yourself too. Yes, Jenny is our kids’ peer. She is nevertheless a born life coach whose advice cum way-of-thinking suits any age group. We could all pause to take our “quality of life” temperatures (see pp. 234-35) or fill in the blanks about our “ideal day” (pp. 241-243). You might have to purchase two copies.
  • Nesting Newbies – Graduating? There is Life After College
    Jenny Blake is a mentor for modern times! She’s been working at Google as an internal coach, helping her fellow Google-ites focus on their personal growth and career development. Interested in helping others, she’s been blogging about Life After College with great tips and templates for finding your way in the real world (and she openly shares insights into her own personal life’s journey, including all the bumps and scary stuff she feels along the way). I discovered Jenny by happy accident while trolling the self-help aisle at Barnes and Noble. She recently finished a book, “Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want,” and took a leave from Google (on her own dime) to tour and promote its release. Now that’s a leap of faith! Though many years out of college myself, I had to buy it and take a closer look.
  • – Romp & Circumstance – Ready, Set, Go!
    Blake confides that, while she’s always been a go-getter (she finished college in three years with a double major and honors, while working full-time beginning at age 20), she found herself exhausted at age 25 and unsure what she wanted to do next. She writes, “I finally . . . took steps to figure out what I wanted, and who I really was under the shiny veneer of achievement.” The author urges readers to view the book not as a narrative meant to be read beginning to end, but as a sourcebook that can be used to find specific information (on, say, taxes or etiquette or health) or thought-provoking exercises to help establish long-term goals. Advice from college graduates, tidbits from Twitter and quotes from famous figures make for interesting, quick reads, and “Jenny’s Tips” address seemingly every question that might cross a graduate’s mind, regarding work, money, home, family, dating, health and plenty more. This guide will prove at once useful, inspiring and reassuring for graduates who are ready to embark on an exciting new phase of life but aren’t quite sure where or how to begin.
  • The Linked Team (Nicole Gruen) – People that Inspire Me
    Jenny inspires me: she shares her ups and downs in a raw and honest way that deeply resonates with me. Building my own business and also creating a web presence for myself and my business I know how it can be sometimes hard to stick with it. I am glad Jenny did and the outcome is a great book, not only for college grads!
  • She’s a Fit Chick – A Must-Buy Book
    I sat down and read this book (over 200 pages) in one night because I literally couldn’t put it down. I love the style — instead of just the traditional paragraph after paragraph, Jenny offers a unique reading experience by including pages of quotes and even tweets! As soon as I was done reading, I even ordered and additional copy for a cousin that I thought would enjoy it.
  • Jenny Foss (Job Jenny) – Life After College: Crafting a Plan once the Plan’s No Longer Crafted For You
    This book brilliantly takes these questions, fears and conundrums that most young adults face, lays them out, and then boils them down into organized, thoughtful advice and exercises. Jenny’s stance is that you craft a life that you love, period. Take a look at the big picture, and steer the ship rather than get mired in the details. She happens to have a really cool corporate job, indeed (which she’s on unpaid leave from, as she promotes the book). But if you look at the whole of what Jenny offers, both in the book and the blog? It’s sound, motivating advice. And relevant for those who aren’t just hopping out of college as well!
  • Diana Antholis (Enter: Adulthood) – Relationships: Must-haves, Deal-Breakers and Jenny Blake
    This isn’t a book where Jenny is talking at’s a workbook.  Jenny calls it “Twitter meets What Color is Your Parachute for 20-somethings” and that is exactly what it is. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny IRL (in real life) in New York for one of her famous cupcake tweet-ups.  She’s absolutely as fabulous as you imagine her to be. As I dove into the book, I realized that some questions were easy to answer and some were not. And that’s how I knew this book was good – I started avoiding certain questions Jenny was asking me.
  • Tyler Tervooren (Advanced Riskology) – Life After College Review & Giveaway
    Every once in awhile, a book comes into your life and makes you think, “Damn. I really wish I’d read this ten years ago.” Of course, you can’t always avoid learning your lessons the hard way, and sometimes you don’t even want to. But, when a good opportunity comes along—and it costs less than $9—take it, I say. Congratulations to Jenny, a long time e-friend (in internet years) for writing such a powerful book. I only hope that when I get around to writing one myself, I’ll create something half as good.
  • Jennifer Gresham – Everyday Bright
    This book from Jenny Blake is brand spanking new and it’s fabulous.  It’s intended for the reader right out of college, but focusing on the big picture of your life (not just the details) is valuable at any age.  In fact, I like the book enough that I’ll be doing a full review in the future. Let me just say that if Jenny is representative of the 20-somethings making their way up the corporate ladder, that’s enough to make this Gen-Xer very optimistic about the future of work as we know it.
  • ChaChanna Simpson – Manual for the Real World
    Unlike other self-help books where the author gives you some theories and ideas of what you can do to improve your life, Jenny asks powerful questions and actually gives you worksheets and templates galore (she even included a template on processing a break-up) on EVERY aspect of your life after college. She gives you full permission to write all over the book and take notes so it’s more of a workbook for creating your life plan. (Although, I just can’t do that to books.) So, if you are not sure what your big picture is, how to manage your time, take control of your finances, or choose the right career for you, she has you covered. Graduating into the real world can be scary but with Life After College you’ll start planning beyond the day after graduation, armed with everything you need to get off to a stellar start and create your own road map and design the life of your dreams.
  • Video Review! From Stephanie Florence
    Exploring personal values? Making big life plans? Facing challenges left and right? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions then it’s time to check out Jenny Blake’s Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want. I’m very fortunate to call Jenny part of my mentor team and I have seen firsthand she truly practices what she writes. By simply connecting via Twitter Jenny and I have chatted on the phone and emailed over the last few months. Following every one of our calls I am motivated and excited to take on the next challenge. That same outlook happens every time I pick up the book – I hope the same for you.
  • Grace Boyle – Life After College Review on Small Hands, Big Ideas
    It’s like a compass, helping you navigating the unknown, challenging terrain and just like Jenny, the book is real. There’s no fluff. You feel like you’re cuddled up by a fire, having hot cocoa with her, sharing your fears and dreams, laughing, agreeing and learning. Not many books can do that, but Life After College can. The words that come to mind: rockstar, inspiration, genuine and super woman. You know what makes her truly great though? She’s honest, makes mistakes and doesn’t pretend to be perfect. She is human and real – that is why she is such a role model.
  • Small Budget, Big Apple – Book Review
    The best part? It’s a workbook — yes, you are supposed to write in it. While the book is geared toward recent college graduates, the rapid-fire tips, quotes and interactive coaching exercises are perfect for anyone looking to find some clarity and direction in their life.
  • Brett Kunsch (Millenial Coach) – Maneuver the World, Jenny Blake Style
    I’ve been following Jenny for over a year now, and reading all of her tips, stories, and love distilled in a book is a very welcome shot in the arm. You want to make big things happen after reading it; not later, but NOW. Jenny’s book is exactly what 20-somethings need: a dose of big picture inspiration that’s immediately actionable and not overwhelming to read. As a fellow coach, I can’t help but love the coaching exercises in this book. Before you even get into the introduction, Jenny reminds you: “WRITE IN THIS BOOK. It does not need to be handled with care. This is your book, ready for your thoughts, notes, and highlights.”
  • The Real Mandy Moore – Strategies for Success, Planning Your Future, and Life After College
    No other word but genius can really describe what Jenny has accomplished with this book. She really talks to you–not at you. She’s not parent-y or condescending. She’s down to earth and on our level as a 20-something herself who previously found herself experiencing her own quarter-life crisis. The book is not just words that are structured into sentences while preaching to you a step-by-step outline of how to become successful. It’s a prompt for you to really do some self-discovery and deep thinking to plan your own attack on life, because no one has the same life circumstances.
  • Megan Cassidy – How Shaka Smart Likely Used Jenny Blake’s Book to Get to the Final Four
    I think the best parts of Jenny’s book are the written coaching exercises, tailored to all different areas of your life. My favorite exercise so far–and I have dozens more to go through–is called “Uncover Your Values.” There’s a list of 50-ish concepts that can be considered the cornerstone of any one person’s philosophy. The reader circles their top 20, then narrows it down to ten, then five. After you pick your top five, you break them down into value chains, which are like word association.
  • Josh Allan – Navigating Life After College
    My friend Jenny Blake just accomplished a lifelong dream of hers and published her first book: Life After College: The Complete Guide To Getting What You Want. Filled with templates to kickstart personal development and plenty of wisdom culled from her own insatiable desire to create more fulfillment in everyday life, Jenny’s created a veritable handbook for the “real world.” (Also, if you happen to be a fan of great quotes from wise people, like I am, the collection scattered throughout is alone worth the price of admission.)
  • Andrew Weitsman – Needle Meets Haystack – The First NMH Giveaway
    It’s very “digestible” – you can pick it up and flip to any of the different chapters if you want to get some great tips on any particular topic.  Jenny has crafted one of the most interactive books I’ve read – as I went through the different chapters and worked through the sections, it was apparent that she had designed everything so that it could be applicable to anyone, and serves as a powerful organizational tool that can be used to paint a clear picture for the reader about how to achieve their goals.
  • Dave Ursillo – Renegade Spotlight & Giveaway
    Jenny’s new book provides simple and practical tips about life, work, money, happiness and personal growth. It’s a resource that I wish I’ve had since graduating college. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Life After College, and I’m so impressed by the depth and detail of Jenny’s work that I want to give you a chance to win the book, right here on!
  • Susan Pogorzelski – Spring Awakening
    Jenny’s inspiration pours from the pages much as it does on her blog. Holding the book that is pure evidence of all her work inspires you to follow your own dreams to fruition, yet inside its pages holds a key to understanding the whirlwind of emotions I found myself in on that da

  • Ryan Stephens – Life After College Book Review
    PERSPECTIVE. That’s the thing that struck me most about Jenny Blake’s guide to getting what you want. I was worried that a young professional would bring a lot of naivety to the table, and I would’ve hated something that was both know-it-all and entitled. Jenny’s book is the exact opposite. She’s brings uncanny perspective to the graduating senior and young professional audience that will read this book.

  • Jessica Lawlor – Book Review: Life After College by Jenny Blake
    Jenny asks poignant questions that will get you thinking about what you value, what your goals are, and where you see yourself heading. Something else I really loved about this book was hearing Jenny’s stories and tips. Jenny shares several stories that show her during times of doubt and fear. She doesn’t position herself as an expert who has never experienced anything she writes about.
  • SoCalTJ – I’m Not Normally One for Self Help Books…
    Jenny has managed to create a totally fun, INTERACTIVE book, with tables to fill in, lots of questions with spaces for your answers. And it’s in color too! It’s pretty much unfathomable to me that I could get a copy of this book for under $20, let alone TWO of them. (Clearly they aren’t paying Jenny enough for her hard work!). I’ve never been that excited about reading books – I don’t think I’ve picked one up since college, but I’m stoked to delve into this one and see where it takes me.
  • Los Altos Town CrierLocal Author Jenny Blake on “Life After College”
    This book is an ideal gift for recent college graduates but is also useful to anyone who wants to change course or work on the details of his or her life. It’s a “big picture” guide that includes chapters on work, money, relationships, health and much more. There is room for note taking, lists, resources and much in the way of calorie-free food for thought.

(Honorable) Book Mentions:

  • First Generation Professional – Reflections on Life After College
    This book is overflowing with personal inspiration, moving quotes and wisdom, recommended readings, and exercises to help you stay motivated on your path. Do you know someone graduating this summer or spring? Definitely check out this book as an excellent graduate present for those young professionals in your own life!
  • Rachel Agana – Life After College Book Launch Party
    Jenny shared the 10 life lessons she learned while creating the book including apreciating the beauty in imperfection, being open to serendipity, and enjoying the stops along the way in addition to the final destination. Her humor and insight enables her to be such an engaging speaker with colorful personal anecdotes. The moment she decided she was serious about writing a book was the combination of having “The Jealousies” and conceiving the format of the book. One piece of advice that stuck out was about the importance of sprints and recovery. You don’t have to be go, go, go all the time like in a marathon but can have spurts of productivity and then rest.
  • Ophelia’s Webb (Elisa Doucette): Stuff I Love
    Life After CollegeIn the interest of full disclosure, it is only fair to note that as you read through Jenny Blake’s blog, you will discover that she is one of my closest friends. Yet before we were besties, I religiously read Life After College for practical advice on life, work, happiness, personal development and much more.  In Spring of 2011 (you can pre-order through the link for a SUPER savings!) Jenny’s book Life After College will be released. I’ve read it, and used it’s worksheets, advice and motivation to make many of the big huge scary leaps that I’ve made.

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