Life After Graduation: Top Ten Tips

Ten essential steps for parents and graduates to ensure a successful transition after graduation.

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For parents:

  1. Establish what bills you will now transfer to your graduate (see: Four-Step Budget).
  2. Set a deadline for when you will cut the financial cord (if you haven’t already).
  3. If they move home: set ground rules for the house (expectations for chores, cooking, etc.). Give your graduate space – try not to bug them too much about where they’re going and when they’ll be home (they’re returning from the freedom of college).
  4. Give them time to find a job on their own without meddling too much, but help them brainstorm career options with the Professional Development Strategy template (or by giving them the gift of coaching!).
  5. Explain in detail how to transition medical responsibilities including: insurance, routine-check-ups, making appointments, etc. (help them set-up the appointment reminder system).

For graduates:

  1. Assess/understand your financial picture with the Four-Step Budget template and sign-up for to track saving & spending.
  2. Set up a calendar and appointment reminder system, including medical appointments, birthdays, and other important dates.
  3. If you move back home: volunteer for specific chores to help out around the house  (you are now a guest in someone else’s home).
  4. Make an effort to get to know (and appreciate) your parents – they are people too!
  5. Make sure you’re prepared for job interviews with the Job Interview One Sheeter (and keep track of people you meet with the Networking Tracker)

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