Coaching with Jenny

Looking for some guidance but not sure if you want to make a long-term investment to working with a coach? Look no further! I would love to help you (or someone you care about) kick-start your life in any area with a one-time “power session.”

We will outline your desired outcomes at the beginning of the call, then pack in as much as we possibly can into our 75-minutes together. I will give you thought-starters beforehand and 1-2 action-steps afterward, so it will be almost like getting three sessions for the price of one!

Read more about my coaching services and ongoing coaching packages here.

Coaching “Power Sessions”

One 75-minute power session with Jenny Blake – $175

Power session options:

In the power session we can talk about anything (and everything) that is on your mind, or you can choose one of the targeted options below.

A. Stop Thinking and Start DOING
Do you have a big goal that you are tip-toeing around? This session will help you:

  • Create a compelling vision for your goal that’s so juicy you can’t help but take action after we hang up
  • Examine any limiting beliefs and turn down the volume on those obnoxious “I can’t” gremlins
  • Free yourself from the “tyranny of the how’s” – identify practical ways to move forward without worrying about how to fix or solve every part of the process
  • Identify your immediate next steps and be held accountable for taking action

B. Professional Development Strategy
Feeling lost or unsatisfied in your career? Hoping to do some long-term career planning but don’t know where to start? This session will help you:

  • Identify where you want to be professionally (and in your life)  in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 3 years. In the pre-work you will look at several facets, including what they want to be, do and have, as well as the impact or meaning they would like to create.
  • Take an inventory of your current skills, experience and strengths, and identify how you would like to grow in each of those areas.
  • Identify a “Board of Advisors” who can help guide and inspire you
  • Set 1-2 major personal or professional goals with a few key milestones for each.

C. Life – Your Big Picture
In this session we will establish the fundamental building blocks for decision-making, reflection and goal-setting.

  • Learn a simple method for assessing and then improving every aspect of your life
  • Create a compass to guide major decisions by identifying your personal values
  • Learn from yourself five years from now through a guided “future self” visualization
  • Identify your inner critics so that you can learn how to turn down the volume

D. Money Makeover
Overwhelmed by your finances? Looking for a way to manager your saving and spending without going crazy over a 100-line budget? Money is a means not an end. In this session we will identify your values to create a compass that will guide you through sound financial planning and big-picture goal setting.

  • Define your financial goals & connect them to your values
  • Remove financial concerns and current blocks to financial stability
  • Control spending: Create both short- & long-term savings plans
  • Use easy planning tools to manage your day-to-day finances
  • Gain confidence to manage your money effectively

E. Other — anything of your choice!
The ideas above are just to get you started. The basic building-blocks of a coaching session are the same no matter what topic we are working through. I coach by:

  • Asking powerful questions
  • Helping you articulate your big dreams
  • Moving past internal or external barriers that are causing you to feel stuck
  • Identifying your values
  • Providing encouragement and ideas around your next steps, and
  • Dishing out a healthy dose of tough-love if I think you’re holding yourself back

If the session outlines above don’t float your boat, have no fear! Select Option E and we’ll work on whatever is most pressing for you.

Ready to go? I look forward to working with you!

Purchase one 75-minute power session with Jenny Blake – $175

Read more about my coaching services and ongoing coaching packages here.