Top Ten “After College” Must-Dos

Soften the landing after graduation with this free one-sheeter: the essential 10-step checklist to ensure a successful transition.
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Free Templates

Visit my website to download any of the following free templates from the book (created using Google Docs & Spreadsheets):

  • Money – Four-Step Budget
  • Career – Professional Development Strategy, Job Interview One-Sheeter, Networking Tracker
  • Life Coaching – Life Checklist Template, Wheel of Life Coaching Exercise, Ten Questions to help you Stop Thinking and Start DOING
  • Organization – Simple Appointment Tracker
  • Health & Fitness – Weekly Fitness (or Activity) Tracker, Triathlon/Half-Marathon/Marathon Training Template
  • Dating & Relationships – Break-up Processing Template

Reading List

I have read over 200 personal development books — on everything from leadership, time management, happiness, productivity to dating and relationships and more — the list goes on! I’ve done my best to find the very best books — the ones that have truly had an impact on me — and share them with you in my own book and in my personalized store on Amazon. You can also connect with me on GoodReads to check-out all of the books I’m reading at any given time (however, not all of those make the “recommend” cut).

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