My Journey

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Blog posts about my publishing journey (in reverse chronological order):

Videos: Signing the Contract, Book Debut, and more exciting stuff!

I signed my book contract on June 16, 2010 after months of nervous anticipation, and it was one of the happiest, proudest moments of my life. Seeing the words “Author: Jenny Blake” on a legal document brought tears to my eyes. I’ve dreamed about this since I was a little girl reading in the Green Apple Bookstore every day after school, dog-earing pages because I knew I’d be back the next day.

Video #1 – Signing my book contract (42 seconds long)

Video #2 – An outtake, just for fun 🙂

The “million dollar signature” – up close and personal
signed book contract

Book Debut: Seeing my book for the first time

Book Trailer

First book signing!

NYC Launch Party (aka my version of a wedding)

My first TV appearance: BetterTV