Book Marketing Spreadsheet

Intimidated by the book promotion process? I’m here to help you get organized.

Publishing a book can be an incredibly overwhelming process, and there are countless professionals you can work with — if only you had endless time and resources. I’m here to help you get organized around book promotion so that you are clear on what needs to happen, by when, and whom you need to hire (versus where you can find support for free).

When I was getting ready to launch my own book, Life After College, I knew I needed a way to track the hundreds of book promotion action items and ideas floating around in my head — everything from website development to book tour planning to advance copy recipient lists, so I created a 15-tab master spreadsheet as a way of organizing the hundreds of things an author thinks about on the road to book launch.

Click on the image below to preview the template, then select the “Use this template” button at the top to get started. If you prefer to use the template in Excel instead of Google Spreadsheets, please download it here.

Book Marketing Master Spreadsheet

To be notified when future versions of the spreadsheet are released, please enter your contact information (I will never send you spam or email unrelated to this template):

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  • Natalie Sisson

    I’d totally recommend working with Jenny. Her knowledge on getting a book from an idea in your head to being published is just invaluable.

    • jennyblake

      Thank you so much Natalie!! Very excited for your project — now you’re on
      the hook to keep me posted on everything :D xoxo!

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  • Louise

    What an amazing resource. Thanks so much Jenny for sharing! Love it. 

    • jennyblake

      Thanks so much Louise! Thrilled that you’re finding it helpful :)

  • Anonymous

    I shared this on Facebook. Very cool resource, with a ton of hours obviously put into it. Thanks, Jenny. This is good information.

    • jennyblake

      Thanks Kayelle!! I really appreciate it :)

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  • Elisa Rodriguez

    Hi Jenny! Elisa Doucette was kind enough to share your 15-tab spreadsheet with me. The only problem is that I’m unable to click on the tabs. Am I missing something?

    • jennyblake

      Hi Elisa — have you already clicked “use this template”? If not, that will save a copy in your Google Docs that you can flip through an edit. Thanks for checking it out!

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  • Jill Amadio

    Extraordinarily detailed. Terrific resource for authors and my debut mystery, Digging Too Deep, releasing December 2013. Check’s in the mail! Many thanks.

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  • Kathryn Perry

    Thank you for generously sharing this material!

    • jennyblake

      Thanks so much Kathryn! I’m thrilled you’re finding it helpful :)

  • jay kim

    Hi Jenny, Great website. Can you point to me where I can get great website builder(s) who build website like this one. Thanks. – Jay

  • JoJo Fildi

    I am co writing a book right now, and this is so helpful. Thank you for taking the time to organise it, and thank you for sharing it too.

  • Bill Benjamin

    Thanks for sharing this. Got some good ideas from it. Bill