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Hi friend! If you’re here, it probably means you’re looking for some content to help me promote the book in some way. The book comes out on March 29. Any press during the week of March 29-April 2 would be HUGELY helpful (and of course after that too — but the first week is when I have the best shot at making a list).

THANK YOU — from the very bottom of my heart. I feel enriched every day by the relationships I have formed online (and subsequently off) — thank you so much for being a part of Life After College / Jenny Blake Enterprises. Heart!

This page is a jump-start to provide you with anything you might need to help spread the word about my book — bios, fun facts, sample tweets, and past interview Q&A. Please reach out if there is anything I can do to help! I look forward to returning the favor in any way that I can.

Note: please send me the link/s to anything you do – I want to make sure you get lots o’ loooove on the Around the Web page.


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Sample tweets:

  • Get it while it’s hot! @Jenny_Blake’s book, Life After College, is out! Less than $10 on Amazon: [click to tweet]
  • So excited to announce that @Jenny_Blake’s book, Life After College, is out! Less than $10 on Amazon: [click to tweet]
  • Twenty-somethings: lost or looking for direction? Grab a copy of @Jenny_Blake’s book, Life After College on Amazon [click to tweet]
  • Need a portable life coach? Twitter meets What Color is Your Parachute in @Jenny_Blake’s book, Life After College: [click to tweet]
  • Any other 140-character gem of your choice 🙂


Book Description:

Life After College is an essential manual for every graduating student and young professional. It features practical, actionable advice that helps people focus on the BIG picture of their lives, not just the details. Life After College will leave you feeling inspired, confident and ready to take action toward creating the life you really want.

In Life After College Twitter meets What Color is Your Parachute for 20-somethings: it is not a narrative, but rather hundreds of nuggests of useful information. Written by popular blogger and life coach Jenny Blake, Life After Collegeprovides tips, inspirational quotes and coaching exercises for every area of life including: Work, Money, Home, Organization, Friends & Family, Dating & Relationships, Health, Fun & Relaxation, and Personal Growth. The book is like having a portable life coach by your side — it is a “one stop shop” that is part journal, part motivator, and part guidebook. Life After College is a powerful life-planning tool that no twenty-something will want to be without!

Fancy facts about the book:

  • The book is currently selling for under $9 on Amazon!
  • It is not your standard paperback — it’s 6×9 with flaps
  • Two-color printing — red headings throughout the book, crisp white pages, GREAT new book smell!

See also: Short 1-2 minute videos of me sharing my favorite tips & concepts from each chapter


Sample blurb you can use to plug the book:

I’m excited to announce that my friend Jenny Blake’s book — Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want, a portable life coach for 20-somethings and beyond — hits shelves this month! As Jenny describes it, “There is no need for a highlighter – this book is the highlights: a compilation of tips, quotes and exercises trimmed to the essence, divided into chapters for every major life area. Chapter categories include life (values, goals), work, money, organization, home, friends & family, dating & relationships, health, fun & relaxation, and personal growth.”
While geared toward college graduates, the rapid-fire tips, quotes and interactive coaching exercises would serve anyone looking to find some clarity and direction in their life. To learn more about the book, vist or purchase your copy on Amazon (a steal — currently selling for under $9!). You can read more about Jenny on her blog at and follow her on Twitter @Jenny_Blake.


Fun publishing facts — the ups and downs of my book process:

  • I started writing the book in December 2008 and thought I would self-publish by Spring 2009
  • I was going to self-publish because deep down I was afraid of rejection from big houses
  • 2009 graduation came and went. I had terrible book block — didn’t open the Word file for 5 months.
  • In a “universe smacks me upside the head” moment, I met Michael Larsen, the author of How to Write a Book Proposal at a National Speakers Association local chapter meeting. He gave me his copy.
  • That gave me the motivation to write a book proposal and soon after find a literary agent.
  • My agent pitched to 28 publishers in March 2010. 27 said no, ONE said yes (Running Press, a division of Perseus). One is all it takes!


Serious Jenny Facts:

  • I’ve worked at Google for 5+ years; currently a Career Development Program Manager, internal coach and manager of the Authors@Google program
  • Prior to Google I worked at a start-up company that did online political polling. I took a leave of absence from UCLA to work their as their first employee. The experience of feelings lost and lonely while my friends were still partying and taking finals led me to start Life After College.
  • I graduated from UCLA in three years with a double-major (Comm and Poli Sci), College Honors, Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa
  • I am a certified life coach (CPCC) trained by CTI and Myers Briggs Facilitator
  • I am a certified yoga teacher (trained at White Lotus)
  • Some of my proudest accomplishments: buying my condo at age 24, running a marathon in 2008, finishing my triathlon in 2009 (without drowning)

Fun Jenny Facts:

  • I’m obsessed with cupcakes
  • I absolutely love football — my brother was a defensive end at UCLA. Go bruins!
  • I wear a zebra-print retainer to bed
  • I am addicted to ordering used personal development books on Amazon
  • Manhattan is my soul-city even though I’ve never lived there.
  • I’ve traveled to 15 countries and 26 U.S. states — my next big travel dream is to go on an African safari
  • I love dancing
  • Looking for more dirt? Read 100 things about me, my ever-changing life checklist


Interview Q&A:

  • The Master Doc — these are interview questions I’ve answered over the years — please feel free to use any facts or quotes! If you’re going to republish an interview (or a subset of questions and answers) please just run it by me first — I want to make sure my answers are still current.


Looking for something that isn’t here — or interested in doing something new?

  • Get in touch with me! jenny [at] lifeaftercollege [dot] org