About the Book

In Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want, Twitter meets What Color is Your Parachute for 20-somethings. There is no need for a highlighter – this book is the highlights: a compilation of tips, quotes and exercises trimmed to the essence, divided into chapters for every major life area. Chapter categories include life (values, goals), work, money, organization, home, friends & family, dating & relationships, health, fun & relaxation, and personal growth.

Life After College (published by Running Press, a division of Perseus Books) is an essential manual for every graduating college student and twenty-something looking for direction. It provides practical, actionable advice and helps you focus on the big picture of your life – on your values and aspirations – all in a rapid-fire format.

An avid reader and information gopher, I have read over 250 business and personal development books, and have distilled their wisdom in a way that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action toward creating the life you really want. Instead of spending your money buying numerous books about setting goals, managing your finances and navigating your career, I offer a “one stop shop” portable life coach, with short, powerful advice and exercises for every area of your life after college.

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