Inside Scoop Excerpt: Superbowl, Super book!

(Such a cheesy headline, huh? Couldn’t help myself! Consider this the Nachos of updates – lots of random little bits of goodness all thrown onto one pile.)

Our official countdown to launch is: 1 month, 3 weeks, and 1 day.

As David of Launch 52 recently said to me in an interview, “So, I see your book comes out next month.” Next month?! NEXT MONTH!! It has been a distant speck on the horizon for so long that I almost didn’t register what he said. When I wrote the first draft of the book in 2008, I thought for sure I would self-publish and have it out by graduation season in 2009. That came and went, as did graduation season of 2010. Those were real rough patches, ones I spent KICKING myself for letting yet another year pass by. But here we are, February 2011, and my book comes out NEXT MONTH. What a ride…

There are two questions almost everyone asks when I tell them I have a book coming out: “Is your publisher sending you on a book tour?” and “How are you going to market your book?” For the former: no, but I am sending myself. Holla!

For the latter: for fear that I scare you away with my to-do list of hundreds and hundreds of spreadsheet rows, let me summarize as follows: it’s like buying lottery tickets (with various marketing efforts as tickets). Instead of buying one ticket, sitting on it and hoping for the best, I’m buying as many as I possibly can until the launch. Online promo, offline outreach, networking, speaking, you name it – I’m working on it. I may not finish everything I want to get done, but I’ll have built myself a fort of tickets that will hopefully pay-off! The book Guerrilla Marketing for Writers covers this concept brilliantly.

Oh! And in case you missed it on the blog, be sure to check-out the video of me opening the box with my book for the very first time. Such a fun moment, and it was so great to feel like I could experience with all of you by capturing it on camera.

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