Book Trailer Videos: Which one should I post on Amazon?

I recently posted the backstory of how my “failed” online date from December turned into a great friendship…and led to my book trailer.

Although my date and I weren’t a romantic match, he just so happened to be a four-time Emmy award winning film producer, and generously offered to film and edit my book trailer. Gratis. Amazing, right?! We worked on this thing for 40+ hours over the last few weeks, and I’m really happy with the result. Now the question is: which version to post on the Amazon page for the book? Answer in the comments over at

Book Trailer Videos – I Need Your Help Deciding!

There are two cuts of the book trailer below — the first is 2:50, and the second is 2:00. The first has more narrative from me and more answers from college grads. Both were filmed in SF in front of the Bay Bridge and at Stanford University. The lovely Melissa Foster Cook was on Flipcam for the outtake at the end.

Which one do you like better? Fill out this form and let me know (it will tally the results on the confirmation page).

Life After College Book Trailer – Video 1: Long Cut (~3 minutes):

ife After College Book Trailer – Video 2: Shorter cut (2 minutes)

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