Inside Scoop Excerpt: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2011 is off to an amazing start. Exciting times ahead — I just added a countdown timer for the book launch to the sidebar of my blog, and we have less than three months until the release! 2 months, 2 weeks and 5 days, to be exact – March 29 is the official “in stores” date.

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, I feel like I’m now on mile 23 of a marathon – this is where I turn on the burners and FOCUS like I’ve never focused before. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head about ways to grow Life After College (the book, the blog and the business) and am happilly filling most hours of my free time pursuing them — things like putting together a speaking kit, updating my coaching packages and writing an e-book (more on the related snafu below). I’ve been staying in most nights and weekends to chip away at my “Book Marketing Master Plan of Greatness” (my 10-tab Google spreadsheet) while watching Sex and the City reruns, eating chocolate, and indulging in the occasional glass of red wine. I know, I’m such a girl.

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