Inside Scoop Excerpt: Final Content Delivered!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I turned in the FINAL version of my manuscript two weeks ago. FINAL – as in, no more changes unless I spot typos in the galleys (the printed proofs before it goes to press). I spent about a week of working late into the night, getting feedback and input from my good friend Julie, before submitting at 2 a.m. on August 25.

It was so nerve-wracking. I accepted and rejected changes in my sleep every night that week, brain spinning as I pseudo-dreamed, noting all the last-minute changes I wanted to make. Here is this 300-page document that I had been revising for a year and half — and now had mere days to declare the content ready to ship.

As I edited at the 11th hour, I kept reading every sentence with slight paranoia, as if that would be the ONE line that reviewers would quote to showcase my biggest critique fears. Cliche! Trite! Obvious! Boring! I know that sounds harsh, but I just wanted every sentence to stand up on it’s own as useful and original. No pressure! And did I remember everyone in the acknowledgments? The stress! But ultimately it felt SO good to hit “send” and know that I was finally moving on to the design phase; done with endless edits. After all, this is a book on EVERY AREA of life after college – I could add to and edit this thing forever!

Now we get a few weeks off as the designer lays out the pages and works on the cover. Eeek! Excited/nervous to see how the first drafts turn out…

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