“Pithy not preachy, and way more than just good advice…”

Life After College - The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want - Book Cover (Jenny Blake)

“Jenny was once my coaching client, and now her book is coaching ME. The book is full of tips, exercises, anecdotes and ideas that can help anyone create an independent, happy, fulfilling life.”
—Ruth Ann Harnisch, President of The Harnisch Foundation and Founder of Thrillionaires.org

“Pithy not preachy, and way more than just good advice, Life After College distills the essential knowledge that you need to navigate your twenties, and coaches you through the process of implementing it to create meaningful results in your life, work, and relationships.”
—Adrian Klaphaak, Career Coach and Founder of A Path That Fits

“Life After College is less a book than a compass. It’s also an interactive pep talk, a plan of attack and a treasure trove of razor-sharp advice.”
—Phil Villarreal, Author of Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel